A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Get There is a 3D action platformer where your goal is to run through the city and reach 3 waypoints without getting tagged by one of the many dudes chasing you. At each waypoint you unlock a new movement ability.

Controls are WASD for movement (more will be learned along the way) and Mouse to look around with camera

What I Learned

Since I made all the assets from scratch for Modeling and World Building class at UCI, I definitely learned, hands on, how time consuming and difficult it is to build and rig a 3D model. I also learned a fair bit more about procedural generation (the city is randomly generated), and I also improved my 3rd person character controller script a lot for this to allow the various forms of movement in the game.


Get_There_Windows.zip 27 MB
Get_There_Mac.zip 42 MB


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this game looks fun