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Music Simulator is a 3D music visualization experience (with optional VR support). It was made over the course of a weekend at HACK UCI 2015. I worked with two other people I met at the event. The terrain is procedurally generated using perlin noise. The rest of the visual effects are implemented with a custom shader program with many tweakable parameters. We also use Unity's built in particle system a bit. To isolate the different audio frequencies of the music we use a Fast Fourier Transform to process the current song in real time. The game has a couple built in songs, but can also load custom tracks when given a valid URL.


Music Simulator.zip 20 MB


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in what world do u live in? no one just has links to music that is in mp3 format ur insane what u should do is patner with googlw music or at the very least have a music file so we can put our own music into the file and load it our selfs

I'm trying to figure out if you're actually saying that nobody has MP3s.

nobody born past a certain age no. i once asked a kid if he knew what an mp3 player was he looked at me like i was crazy

My music links won't work, I tried YouTube and SoundCloud. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for letting me know! I will look into asap

Sorry just got around to checking. It has to be a direct download URL, like a download link to an mp3 or something to work. No real easy way to do this through YouTube and it's actually against the terms of service to try and extract the audio from its videos. But maybe if you have a download link to a SoundCloud song that would work? It's not a very useful feature I admit XD. Sorry for the confusion.