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Stacked is a 3D local coop boss fighting game. Players work together to defeat dangerous and scary monsters! Gameplay revolves around stacking on or picking up other players to form mighty and powerful totem poles. Together may you stand tall and defeat these great and formidable foes!


  • 4 different playable totem classes: bear, fox, phoenix, and turtle
  • 3 challenging and exciting boss fights! 
  • tutorial level as well as sweet menus
  • support for 2-4 players, with controllers or on keyboard
  • awesome music and sound effects
  • beautiful 3D art, animations, and effects!


Stacked was made over the course of 6 months for the Capstone Game course at UC Irvine, which was the final project for Computer Game Science majors! My team consisted of five members: three programmers, one artist and one sound person. Every member of the team participated in design discussions and play testing of the game, and each of the programmers helped with various gameplay elements, UI programming, bug fixing. Here is a list of my personal contributions:

  • boss battle scripting / design / effects / animations / sounds
  • level design / textures
  • title and character selection scenes
  • camera controller
  • various visual effects

Github Project


Left Stick    - Move
Right Stick   - Aim
Left Bumper   - Jump
Right Bumper  - Pick up
Left Trigger  - Use Ability
Right Trigger - Basic Attack

Install instructions

The game is best played with 4 players with controllers. It is possible to beat the game with only 2 players, though it is quite hard. Additionally one player can play with keyboard and mouse if required. Lastly, if it is your first time playing, please try the tutorial!


Stacked.zip 30 MB

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