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Wildlife Simulator is a multiplayer fighting game where you get assigned an animal and try to slay other beasts (or just run and annoy people if you are a rabbit). The game requires one computer connected to wifi running the game, and then as many HTML5 compatible devices (phones, tablets, other computers, anything with wifi and a browser) may connect to it and join the brawl!

I made Wildlife Simulator over the course of a weekend at HackUCI 2017. I wanted to make a game using the HappyFuntimes library which allows you to connect many HTML5 compatible devices to a computer over the same local wifi network. It opens up the possibility to easily make games with a very large number of players, because it bypasses the need for conventional controllers, and most everyone these days has a smart phone. On the right you can see multiple players playing on their phones!

Though HappyFunTimes came with some default controllers, I ended up making a custom one that felt simpler to control while looking at the game instead of your phone. So to play just hold and drag your finger around the screen and you will move in relation to the center reticle. To use your animal's move just tap the screen. Have fun!

Github Project

Install instructions

To play this game, run the executable on a computer.

Then with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, open a browser and go to happyfuntimes.net and join the game.


  1. make sure you are on the same wifi as the machine hosting the game
  2. forward port 18679 on your router
  3. try using the Chrome browser
  4. manually type in the host computers ip address to your web browser (super tedious, but very good chance of working) using this format: "http://[host_ip_address]:18679"



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